Player Welfare

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” – Michael Jordan

Supporting professional clubs with player care.

Experienced athletes

There are a number of challenges that athletes face, Kevin has coached them through; feeling down when out with a long-term injury, visioning, being in the moment, lifestyle coaching, positive thinking, getting in the right mind-set to be at their mental peak before a game.

Youth athletes

Lots of young footballers have a vision of becoming a professional footballer; it’s the ultimate dream to follow in the footsteps of the greats! Whilst some do, sadly we know that many will never make it.

Kevin works with individuals to learn their strengths and unlock their potential by creating new routines, which unleashes a whole new world of possibilities. He works on building short and long-term goals, by offering daily, weekly support with tailored advice and coaching.

He supports & prepares young footballers leaving the game with a Plan B to a smooth transition of what’s next.

What does plan B look like? Life skills? New career? Starting up a business? Finding a job?

Some areas that he covers:

  • What is next for them – transitioning after contract release
  • How to unlock potential and talent, looking at developing personal strengths for professional growth
  • How to deal with failure, challenges and setbacks, how to take past experience and focus this into positive learning for future development
  • Mind-set training, how to become self-disciplined and create their own proactive routines for success
  • How to deal with the potential loss of their dream of playing at top level and the acceptance process leading into new challenges and interests
  • How to look at financial goals, both how to look at spending, making money and investment
  • Time management and how to create a positive work/life balance
  • How to deal with any negativity and the importance of been surrounded by positive people and influences moving forward
  • Direction, understanding where they can now look to for careers, relationships, social circles, living situations including possible relocation and how to build a new life
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills for both personal and professional benefit

Kevin offers group sessions and support with peers (past and present) going through the transition and how to cope with moving into a new chapter of their lives.

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