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Many leadership problems are due to a lack of empathy, gratitude & self awareness

I work with CEOs, Senior Executives, HR Leaders, Business Owners & Creatives offering various programmes on executive coaching and life coaching. They want to cut through the noise be agile and pivot in a world of continuous change. Highly motivated and know every morning they have a choice either unconsciously snooze or get up and create


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“Many leaders wake up with an overwhelming feeling, they sometimes get anxious but as their day goes on they cope and get into gear. most of the time this is done without taking conscious action. using various proven techniques, together, we co-create. one of those techniques is ‘m3’ this is a powerful tool as we explore what the first 20 minutes of your day looks like, what you want it to be and how to take full control. clients train in my Olympic arena, leaving as Life & Business Olympians. I promise it’ll be exciting and won’t be comfortable”

Unique Approach ToEvery Individual

‘’I started working with Kevin on June 2016 and I have to admit that the results were outstanding. Kevin was extremely instrumental in guiding me through a difficult time.

I was not doing so well at work and he helped me overcome the adversity. He would be the person to make me realise that I was getting closer and closer to my goal. He kept telling me “you got this, you can do it”

His Coaching and visualisation techniques helped me stay on top of my game. He also supported me with a few very important family situations I went through as a father of two.’’

Toto Cullen

Photographer & Director, Manhattan, New York

“I started Coaching with Kevin about a year ago. I’ve gone through many struggles and changes that to be honest, I’m not sure I could’ve overcome the way I did without Kevin’s coaching.

From realising who I am and what I want for myself, to starting not only one, but two business at the age of 20.

I’ve grown tremendously as a person through this Coaching process. He challenges you to face your biggest obstacle… You. I am truly grateful for this experience and I would recommend coaching with Kevin 100%.

He guides you to realise things you never would, by asking the questions you wouldn’t think to ask yourself. Resulting in you taking control of your own life and knowing you alone have the power to do so”

Robyn-Marie de Silva

Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur, Manhattan, New York

Making the transition from employee to employer took an incredible amount of courage for me. I’ve built a safe career over the last 11 years in my field being a strong dependable part of a team, Kevin has helped me identify my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses to take opportunities that I had never before felt possible.

Starting your own business can be a lonely and daunting process but working closely with Kevin, his experience and air of calm allowed me to see that it is both a rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable challenge.

His use of unique techniques and his affable, fun but frank character have made hiring a coach one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Stuart Williams

MD Thirlmere Deacon, Mayfair, London

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